General Rules

  • No mp3 players (music, ear plugs) on course
  • Helmets-CPSC, ANSI or SNELL certified helmets must be worn at all times while on course
  • Race numbers-must be displayed on the front of handle bars (visible) at all times while on course
  • Sportsmanship is required.  Respecting the trail system and ALL those using it is paramount.
  • Passing – Vocalize your intent when passing “passing the right/left, etc.”
  • Pass in a location that works, not in a tight corner, or off the trail, etc.
  • Right of Way – This is a closed course event.  Pay attention and yield to other non-racers (bike and foot) when necessary.
  • Represent MTB with class
  • Once on the course, a rider must complete his or her lap
  • Follow the course, no exceptions